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Studio Sessions 
4-week Virtual Art Therapy 

September 3rd-30th, 2022

Jennifer Kramer, LPAT
Your Workshop Facilitator
"I help women like you overcome the lasting effects of narcissistic abuse, so you can get unstuck, redefine your identity, and finally build the confidence to make your daydreams a reality. I teach the same art and writing process that has been instrumental in my own recovery. The narcissist isn't in charge anymore. It's your turn."
About the Studio Sessions Workshop
Hey there, Overcomer.

Do you really want to move into a new realm of confidence, security and momentum that takes you FAR beyond the survival mode where you found yourself stuck early on in recovery?

Here's the secret:

No more reading endless facts about narcissistic behavior, believing that more knowledge (in and of itself) is what's actually going to propel you into this next phase of healing. Remember, no more survival mode...we're looking to THRIVE. And that's going to take the right tools, backed by action from you, and only you. 
At the start of my healing journey, I felt completely overwhelmed by all that had occurred, and all the challenges that lay ahead. I was juggling so much, and even though I did experience relief after the abusive relationship ended, I didn't feel instantly "fixed". 

I knew that I needed to reconnect with my sense of very identity. I'd lost touch with my creative side, and wanted to tap back into that. I chose to rent a small art studio, as a radical act of self care. A place to begin...

Then I started implementing a unique art and writing process… the tools that actually helped me dig into my core identity, draw it out, stand FIRM in who I am, and take confident action toward my dreams.

After consistent practice with this, I was able to improve my relationships, feel more at ease in my body, launch my business, and actually see what is possible for my life.

As an art therapist and people-helper at my core, I knew I couldn't just keep this to myself.

So I decided to reverse engineer the entire process and create a step-by-step plan to help you achieve this confidence, ease, and direction.

This is the exact framework that I teach within the courses on my Redefined mobile app, and now also inside of the Studio Sessions 4-week virtual workshop series. Every service I offer will help you reconnect with and redefine your identity in a way that feels fun and free.


Now, if you're thinking...
“Uh-oh… another ad from another online coach.
I bet she’s gonna try and convince me that she’s found the Holy Grail…
… the key to feeling happy 24/7, eliminating trauma triggers forever, and how to instantly manifest the relationship of my dreams... yadda, yadda, yadda...”

Ummm… no.

There is no Holy Grail.
There is no magic key.

However, if you’re looking to finally have an overall sense of confidence, plus more peace, direction and the ability to put some big action behind those big dreams...

… I might be able to help.

If that's you, then keep reading (or just skip down to one of those blue buttons).

"I have numbed the part of me that wanted to heal for a long time. I was drowning in the pain and fear of the abuse as this was all I knew. After attending 2 workshops [Studio Sessions] I am still a little afraid but the rush of healing emotions came up. I want to feel these emotions. I want to heal and finally feel free." 
"I am really glad that I found this program and enjoyed everything about it. The live sessions helped us to explore different methods of art to get different outputs and to learn the feel for future use. It was also great to have others in the class explain their work and insight as it was helpful and applicable to my life and situations as well. The Tuesday and Friday check ins were a great way to connect what we were learning in session to our real life and to recognize that this work of healing from trauma comes in layers. Thank you Jennifer for using your talents to teach us how to connect art with our healing. I definitely learned a lot from attending and using the tools you taught us."
“I really enjoyed participating in all four of the live Studio Sessions group with Jennifer and the students. It was great taking time for myself as part of my healing process. Jennifer leads us to see the OVERCOMERS that we are!”
Learn the Same Process I Use
I'll be personally walking you through the exact framework that has been so instrumental in my own healing from narcissistic abuse. This process continues to be a foundational part of my personal development work, and always will be. That's how life-changing it's been for me (and now for my clients).

The cost is $297 USD for the entire month of LIVE sessions, community, added content, and more. 

Here's How the Studio Sessions are Different from Anything I've Offered Before
We will be journeying together LIVE for four weeks, face-to-face on Zoom. While so many of my clients prefer a more automated format, I have heard from others that you simply need the live interaction. 

And I get it. 

You need to talk it out. 
You need to co-regulate. 
You need to ask questions in real time.  

Studio Sessions is my answer to that need. 

I'll also be introducing a bilateral drawing technique that is not apart of my other programs. Why? Because it's a mode of trauma treatment that's best done with live, in-the-moment support. I'm meshing it all together with my existing process...a combo you can't find anywhere else. 

This LIVE workshop series is right for you if:

>You’re interested in learning more about the benefits of art therapy for yourself and/or others

>You’ve got some past trauma, big emotions, or stress to process (ummm….everyone)

>You love learning new and out-of-the-box approaches to self healing

>You struggle with pre-recorded online courses….you want live interaction!

>You can commit to attend 4, ninety-minute Zoom sessions on alternating Saturdays and Sundays in September (recordings available in case an emergency comes up)

>You’ve got a few basic art materials at home, or are willing to acquire some

Limited spots available, so claim your place in the group ASAP!
You must sign up before our first session on September 3, 2022. Price = $297 USD

Studio Sessions is NOT an online course, group coaching program, or work-at-your-own pace curriculum. Here's the breakdown:

>FREE Pre-workshop Mini Course, Intro to Studio Sessions (must complete before signing up for Studio Sessions)

> 4 Weekly Group Art Therapy Sessions on alternating Saturdays & Sundays (September 3, 11, 17, and 25). We'll spend about 1.5 hours together each time, with teaching, artmaking, and group discussion. 

> Ongoing Community Chat with other members between sessions

> Private Messaging with Jennifer between sessions
> Track your anxiety levels, daily intentions, and more

> 2x weekly check-in videos from Jennifer, related to content shared in that week's session

>Daily Journaling Template (the same one I use)

And it's all included in that one-time $297 USD fee. This is a highly interactive workshop series, designed to engage group members in intentional ways throughout the days between live sessions. 

This is about making a commitment, and taking action. 

Not sure if you're ready for all that just yet? It's okay. There's a lot more for you to check out inside the Redefined app. You've gotta start where you are...pick what's best for you: 

> Access FREE Pre-workshop Mini Course, Intro to Studio Sessions (must complete before signing up for Studio Sessions)

> Access my FREE 7-day course, Overcoming With Jennifer (Q&A from my community + art and writing prompts). Includes Activity Tracking.

> Purchase any of my Video Bundles, organized by topic and priced at $37 USD each. You'll get 6-7 videos per bundle (that's 3+ hours of content previously only available to my founding members!). Plus, I've added art and writing prompts after each video to help you internalize and apply the teachings. 
        -Video Bundle 1- Art + Spirit + Self
        -Video Bundle 2- Attachment + Relationships + Codependency
        -Video Bundle 3- Rest + Depression + New Beginnings
        -Video Bundle 4- Body Signals + Emotions + Narcissism

> The Redefined Membership ($47/month):
        -The Redefined Process 10-Week Challenge
        -Weekly Group Coaching
        -Community Chat with other members
        -Private Messaging with me
        -All 4 Video Bundles (listed above)
        -Activity Tracking
        -Access to schedule 1-1 coaching as needed

This Process Works Even if You're Burned Out

Like I said, there's nothing magical here, and no big promise that I can't realistically fulfill. This is about you making a commitment to yourself to show up for YOU, put in the effort, follow my framework, and ultimately make it your own. 

I know you've probably tried a lot of other solutions, and might feel burned out on this self-healing roller coaster. I'm here to guide you with my experience and knowledge. We all need somebody in our corner who's just a few steps ahead. Someone who gets it and is willing to show up for us as we show up for ourselves.

I'm your person. Let's do this.


I'm here to help you, not swindle you. If you fully engage in all the content, still don't like it, and haven't gotten any of the results I've promised here, you can contact for a full refund. No strings attached. I'm super confident that you will get a huge amount of value from the workshop series but, you know...just FYI. Looking for a payment plan? Contact to discuss options.

Limited spots available, so claim your place in the group ASAP!
You must sign up before our first session on September 3, 2022. Price = $297 USD

Join the Studio Sessions Now!

Want to talk it out first?

I'll see you LIVE on September 3rd! 


P.S. Recap of this ultra-long page for those who hate reading:

1. Money-back guarantee. I'm a helper not a swindler.  

2. I can't promise a magical cure, but I do know that this process works, even if you're burned out. 

3. You've got options! Not sure about the LIVE workshop experience? Try my Free 7-day course, any (or all) of the four Video Bundles, and/or the Redefined Membership which gets you all the things. 

4. This is the same process that I used to grow in confidence so I could reach my goals. And I still use it...I practice what I preach.

The narcissist isn't in charge anymore. It's your turn. 

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